Collect Email from your iPhone

You can follow the steps below to set up your email on the iphone or you can also view our Iphone Tutorials Videos

On your iPhones home page, open settings.

Then mail, contacts, calendars
Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Then Add account...
Add Account...

Then other
Iphone mail settings - Choose Other

Then Add Mail Account
Iphone mail settings -Add Mail Account

On this page, enter your name, your full email address, its password and a description. Give the phone a moment to try and detect your settings.
Iphone mail settings - Enter Details

Then choose imap, and set the following settings:
incoming mailserver:,
username: your full email address,
password: your password,
username: your full email address,
password: your password.

Iphone mail settings - Account Settings

Save this and wait while the iPhone tries to connect to the account (This can take a long time, make sure the screen does not go black by tapping it occasionally).

Continue at the bad cert notice
Iphone mail settings - Accept Cert

wait quite a while and you are complete.

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