PositiveSSL Certificate Installation: Apple Mac OS X Server

1. Log into your server as root.
2. If it doesn't already exist on your server, create a folder with this name:
3. Copy the cert.crt into the folder.

b. Install your certificate

Important: Back up the certificate to a removable disk. It will save time if there is a server failure you can restore your certificate.

To enable SSL on the site follow the instructions below:
1. In Server Admin, click Web and choose Configure Web Service.
2. Make sure Enable SSL support is selected for the entire site.
3. Click Sites, then select the site where you plan to use the certificate, and click Edit.
4. Select Enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
5. Click Edit Certificate File and paste the text from your certificate file in the text field, then click Save.
6. Click Edit Key File and paste the text from your key file (mykey.key, set up earlier) in the text field, then click Save.
7. Press tab to move to the phrase field and type the pass phrase from your CSR in the text field, then click OK.
8. Set the location of the log file
9. Stop and then start Web service.

Note: Web Performance Cache is not compatible with SSL. You should not enable both Web Performance Cache and SSL for a specific site. Doing so keeps Apache from starting. For more information please view: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=107898
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