What does the Warranty actually mean?

We believe it is important to protect the end user. If we were to issue a certificate in error to a fraudulent site, and that fraudulent site has an SSL link with an end user and as a result of this the end user loses money. The end user had what they thought was a "trusted session". Comodo should never have provided the fraudster with the ability to engineer this situation. Hence, we have taken out insurance to pay out money to the end user. How can we do this?

We value the end customer. We believe the insurance provided greater peace of mind hence allows the merchant to sell more products. Most importantly, we value our validation techniques (delivered through the IDAuthority). We pre-validate customers and provide validation that is far higher than the majority of other SSL providers. Some CA's have very weak validation hence they decide NOT to offer insurance! Fin ally, it is worth pointing out, that we offer high validation, but not at the compromise of speed. You can still obtain SSL instantly.
To see the warranty offered on each of our SSL Certificates

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