Advanced Email Filtering (1 - 5 users)
Advanced Email Filtering (21 - 50 users)
Advanced Email Filtering (51 - 100 users)
Advanced Email Filtering (6 - 20 users)
Email Continuity Account

Used in conjunction with our MX Backup service you can automatically keep 2 weeks of email ready and waiting to access via web mail if your main mail server goes down. This allows you to carry on working and minimise the impact on the outage on your business.

Email MX Backup

Preserve your inbox

Backup your mail on our fail over servers, if ever your mailserver cannot receive your mail, we will save it for you, until you are ready to read it again.

Premium .IE domain application - Landrush phase
Premium .IE domain application - Sunrise phase
Secure Mail Relay

Secure, Spam and Virus protected outgoing mail relay