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Adding a new user to an existing organisation and assigning Exchange 2007 service to that user

You can begin this section of the guide once your Sharepoint provisioning has been completed by Hosting Ireland and we have provided you with an initial admin login. The first time you sign up to a Sharepoint Service, we will setup your organisation in our control panel. An admin account (usually admin@yourdomain); will be created for you, which is for configuring and administering your users. The admin account is for administration and configuration only and cannot have services added to it.

Note: Additional users can be given Administration access, but Hosting Ireland recommends you only use the admin login for admin tasks.

In this guide, we will log in as an administrator and add an additional user to an existing organisation.

* Go to:
* Login to the control panel using your administrator username and password (in the format: admin@yourdomain).

Once you’re on the control panel, click on the Add User icon.

Proceed to enter all required details relating to the new user.

You also have the option of giving the user administrator rights to the account by ticking the "organisation administrator privileges" box. Once completed, click next.

Note: Ensure you provide an alternative email address as a set-up confirmation e-mail will be sent to this address once provisioned.

The sections are explained as follows:
User Information:

* Template: Leave as default.

General Information:
* Username: This is the username the user can use to log into the Control Panel – this also determines what the user’s Exchange e-mail is going to be.
* First Name: Enter a first name (Required)
* Middle Name: Optional
* Last Name: Enter a Surname (Optional)

Access Control:
* Password: Enter a password – The password must have at least one uppercase character and one number in it.
* Confirm Password: Confirm the password
* Organization Administrator Privileges: Confirm if the user needs admin rights to the Control Panel or not.
* Account Expires: You can set an expiry date for the account – if it’s a temp user for example.

Contact Information:
* External Email: You can assign an external e-mail for the user if required
* Phone: Optional
* Description: Optional

Once you’re finished editing the new user details, click next.

Place a tick next to ‘SharePoint 3.2.0’ and click next, then click the magenta arrow icon next to Windows SharePoint Service and select the site access group applicable to the user you are creating.
Read - Can view only
Contribute - Can view, add, update, and delete.
Design - Can view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize the site.
Full Control - Has full control.

Make sure the box next to the magenta arrow icon is ticked and click Next.

You will now see a summary of the information provided. If you are satisfied that all details are
correct, click Finish.

The services status screen will now appear confirming that the new SharePoint user has been set up successfully. Click OK

Once the user has been completed you will be able to log to the SharePoint site.

Selecting the SharePoint Site Template

The first time you log in to the SharePoint site you will be shown the template selection screen.
From here you can view the different site templates available by selecting them in the drop down
list. Please choose the site template carefully, as it cannot be changed unless the site is deleted.

The following table lists a description of the templates which you can choice from:

Template Name Description
Team Site A site for teams to quickly organize, author, and share information. It provides a document library, and lists for managing announcements, calendar items, tasks, and discussions.
Document Workspace A site for colleagues to work together on a document. It provides a document library for storing the primary document and supporting files, a tasks list for assigning to-do items, and a links list for resources related to the document.
Basic Meeting Workspace Sites to plan, organize, and capture the results of a meeting. It provides lists for managing the agenda, meeting attendees, and documents.
Social Meeting Workspace A site to plan social occasions. It provides lists for tracking attendees, providing directions, and storing pictures of the event.
Blank Site Blank site for you to customize based on your requirements.
Blank Meeting Workspace Blank meeting site for you to customize based on your requirements.
Decision Meeting Workspace A site for meetings that track status or make decisions. It provides lists for creating tasks, storing documents, and recording decisions.
Multipage Meeting Workspace Sites to plan, organize, and capture the results of a meeting. It provides lists for managing the agenda and meeting attendees in addition to two blank pages for you to customize based on your requirements.
Absence and Vacation Schedule A site for teams to share information on when team members will be away from the office and who to contact for issues.
Bug database A site for teams to track bugs in their shared software projects.
Call centre A site for teams to track customer support calls. It provides lists to track customers, service request history and includes a knowledge base.
Compliance Process support site A site for teams to help plan compliance processes.
Event Planning A site for teams to plan and manage events like conferences.
Help Desk A site for teams to submit and manage customer support issues. It provides lists to track service request history and includes a knowledge base.
It Team Workspace A site for an IT team site to manage incoming issues, projects and bugs.
Knowledge Base A site to manage and create knowledge assets within an organization.
Physical Asset Tracking and Management A site for teams to track their existing physical assets and manage the process of proposing new assets
Project Tracking Workspace A site that supports team collaboration on projects. This site includes Project Documents, Project issues, Project Risks, and Project deliverables lists which may be linked to tasks in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.
room and equipment reservations A site for teams to manage the use of shared rooms and equipment
Wiki Site A site for a community to brainstorm and share ideas. It provides Web pages that can be quickly edited to record information and then linked together through keywords.
Blog A site for a person or team to post ideas, observations, and expertise that site visitors can comment on
contacts Management A site for teams to track their shared contacts.
Document Library and Review A site for teams to store documents and provide feedback on a per-version basis.
Expense Reimbursement and Approval A site for teams to submit and manage expense reports.
Inventory tracking A site to track inventory items, levels, sales, and orders.
Job Requisition and Interview Management A site for teams to manage their job requisitions, candidates and interviews.
Lending Library A site track the assets of a team lending library.
Change Request Management A site for teams to track change requests in multiple projects. It provides lists to track change requests, general project information, project tasks, project issues, and project risks.
Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects A site for teams to track multiple projects. It provides lists to track general project information, project tasks, and project issues.
Sales Lead Pipeline A site for sales teams to track contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunitues.



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