What is the CDP backup addon?

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection is an addon backup solution aimed at dedicated server customers but can also be used on Virtual machines (Xen or Hyper-V). By locating a device driver between the file system and raw Disk Volume the application is able to identify changed Disk Blocks in real-time with little performance impact. Scheduled CDP synchronizations create point-in-time open file snapshots (Recovery Points) that provide Virtual Full Backups.

Bare-Metal disaster recovery is supported on Windows Basic, Logical, & Dynamic Disks, Windows Software RAID, Linux MD/RAID, Linux LVM, and all hardware RAID.

This on-disk format enables CDP to archive point-in-time recovery images for long periods of time using as little disk space as possible.  For each configured backup schedule a rotation policy can be defined.  This policy specifies the number of different incrementals to keep for each schedule.  Old recovery points are automatically deleted according to the policy.  This system of minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly recovery point management is flexible enough for all needs. 

Please consider the following example policy demonstrating the flexibility of automatic data protection policy:

- synchronize every 10 minutes – retain the last 8 recovery points
- synchronize hourly – retain the last 4 recovery points
- synchronize daily at midnight – retain the last 7 recovery points
- synchronize weekly on Sundays – retain the last 4 recovery points
- synchronize monthly on the 1st – retain the last 2  recovery points

A Simple web interface enables you to manage schedules and restores.

Please ask about a CDP backup account.

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