a winner of the Digitise the Nation campaign

We are delighted that one of our customers is a winner of the IEDR's Digitise the Nation campaign. From all of us here, congratulations and we hope you enjoy your ipod.

24th May 2010
Dedicated Server Special Offer

We are currently offering a free dedicated server upgrade to Intel Xeon X3450 2.66Ghz 8M Turbo HT Quad Core CPU Processors. These are the new Hyper threaded Xeons so Quad Core appears as 8 logical cores! To price them up, simply price up a regular Level 1 Dedicated server with Dual Core. see Dedicated Servers

5th May 2010
EV SSL enabled on Client Portal

We have upgraded the SSL certificate on the Client Portal to an EV Certificate (extended validation). This the top level of SSL Certificate and gives the enchance green address bar that you see on top ecommerce and banking web sites. If you are interested in EV certs for your site please see the EV Certificate section on our web site.

30th Apr 2010
Invoice Breakdown Improvements

To make things clearer the List Invoices option on the Customer Portal now give a break down of what the invoice is for without the need to open the invoice. This will make it a lot easier if you have many invoices and need to fine one for a particular domain or product. Any comments or questions are welcome.

30th Apr 2010