The rules for registering .ie domain names are changing, following an extensive consultation process over many months. From March 2018, the need to explain why you want a particular domain name (also called ‘claim to the name’) when registering a .ie domain name will be removed.
In the past, along with identification or proof of business, you would have to provide a ‘Claim Letter’ explaining what you planned to use the domain for and why to chose that particular name. The removal of this requirement for .ie registrations is a big change with many benefits…

The removal of the ‘claim to the name’ will make it simpler, easier and faster for businesses to get a .ie registered. It means that anybody with a connection to Ireland will be able to register any available .ie domain name they want. In addition, if you already have a .ie domain name you won’t have to provide paperwork all over again to complete the registration as was previously the case.

However, this could mean that individuals or businesses could register a .ie domain similar to your own brand name. Some customers when registering a domain will register similar versions such as hyphenated for example, in order to provide a level of brand protection and stop other parties ‘passing off’ as their business. So Hosting Ireland for example has registered the following:-

Registering variants like this ensures that no one can attempt to use your brand name.

Monday, December 4, 2017

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