We would like to make Linux hosting customers aware that we are now enforcing SSL for cPanel and Webmail logins. Using SSL ensures that data transferred between your web browser and the server is encrypted.

Please use the following secure addresses:

For cPanel: https://[YOURDOMAIN]/cpanel
For Webmail: https://[YOURDOMAIN]/webmail

You will find that this redirects you to a webhostingireland.ie page with a valid SSL certificate trusted by your browser.

If you previously used https://cpanel.[YOURDOMAIN] or https://webmail.[YOURDOMAIN] to access cPanel or Webmail respectively and have not purchased a SSL Cert that includes these subdomains, we recommend you switch to the new secure links referenced above for security reasons.

Please note: You may get a message in your browser stating that the 'certificate is invalid' or the 'connection is not private'. This behavior is expected due to the redirect and therefore it is safe to except the certificate and proceed.

If you have any problems with the secure links or have any other questions please contact support.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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